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Myth and Magic

Folklore & fantasy themes aimed at creative writers: to start writing stories and challenge your brain with exciting ideas, dip into this kitbag.

Learn how fantasy worlds draw on real world history, mythology, and folklore. And there's weekly news from the world of fantasy fiction too... plus fabulous creatures, studies on folk tales, nature fables and lots more mythical, magical fun.

Jan 15, 2020

Look at seven fantasy plot-lines and discuss the plotter approach to compare it with the pantser approach. Decide which plot you will use for your next writing project. Begin a study into classical Rome by asking: who was there before the Romans arrived? Also, consider the possibility that we still live in "Roman...

Jan 9, 2020

This special New Year edition has tips for starting your own fantasy fiction project — I provide you with thematic suggestions to get you started. What is your big idea?  Also, I look into Hogmanay, find out who Enki was and discover the ancient origins of January.

Dec 20, 2019

Is Father Christmas a deep folk memory of the ancient Yulefather? Are Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, Saint Nicholas of Myra, and Sir Christmas all memories of this same pagan character? How do reindeer figure in the Christmas tradition? What is Yule? What is a Yule Goat? When is the Night of Mothers? Who is Zwarte Piet? Who...

Dec 5, 2019

Visit Dozymary pool in Cornwall and discover why The Enchantress, Coventina, Vagdavercustis, Ceridwen, Viviane / Nimue and even Saint Brigid of Kildare might all be the same character:
The Lady of the Lake.

Nov 13, 2019

Discover why Harry is a warlock and not, strictly speaking, a wizard. Delve into the earliest origins of Wōden Wizard mythology before examining the definition of a warlock and touch upon witch trials in early-modern Scotland. Take a look at Daemonologie. Think about the Roman roads of Britannia and how they...