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Myth and Magic

Folklore & fantasy themes aimed at creative writers: to start writing stories and challenge your brain with exciting ideas, dip into this kitbag.

Learn how fantasy worlds draw on real world history, mythology, and folklore. And there's weekly news from the world of fantasy fiction too... plus fabulous creatures, studies on folk tales, nature fables and lots more mythical, magical fun.

Sep 23, 2020

How did the Phoenician port of Leptis Magna come to be in a grassy garden in Surrey, England where it would become known as the Folly of Augustus? Also, Rathlin Island is in the news — but where is it? And why would Rathlin be a great location for your next fantasy fiction title?

Sep 16, 2020

What is Hecate's Supper? Why should we celebrate the triple-bodied goddess of boundaries on the liminal night of September 16th? Plus, twenty things people *hate* about fantasy fiction!

Sep 9, 2020

What is adult contemporary fantasy? Interview with Amanda Fleet, author of the Guardians of The Realm series

Sep 2, 2020

What is a clootie well? Where is Albion? And, in news, the Old Apple Tree is declared dead. Plus, are you writing fantasy fiction?